Ft. Wright bioretention

Viox & Viox was the lead consultant for this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act project to construct a bioretention facility to reduce storm water runoff and provide public green infrastructure space. The scope of work included dam stabilization, existing wetland delineation and protection, a sediment equalization basin, and a muti-stage outlet flow control structure. Additionally, the project included the Fort Wright Nature Park Upland Campus which included vernal pools, a wildflower meadow, reforestation, an observation/seating area, trail pathways, and wildlife habitat structures. The scope of tasks included:  Topographic and boundary surveying, including property transfer plats, easement plats and negotiations; public presentations to residents and City Council; environmental, stream, wetland, dam safety, and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet encroachment pemitting; extended detention basin design, including sediment forebay and multi-purpose outlet control structure for storm water management; Dam Reconstruction; hydraulic analysis; landscape and habitat design; property negotiations; design of two acre nature park in coordination with the City of Fort Wright, Kentucky; and construction administration, including monthly progress meetings and inspections.

(*Graphic plan by Human Nature)


Project Information

Client: Sanitation District No.1
Location: Covington & Fort Wright, Kentucky
Year: 2009-2012
Market: Green Infrastructure
Size: 125 Acre Watershed