New Uri s-turn

Viox & Viox completed a comprehensive storm water evaluation in the area of New Uri Avenue watershed. Our staff developed a comprehensive plan for improvements within the watershed. The project began with the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data. Through flow monitoring and stakeholder questionnaire data, Viox & Viox created and calibrated a watershed specific storm water infiltration model. This model allowed Viox & Viox to accurately project how storms of varying intensity would affect the watershed, rather than relying on standardized hydrologic assumptions. From this analysis, our firm developed a series of recommendations for improvements within the basin. This project was an enormous success and received recognition as a “Top 10 Storm Water Project, 2010” from Storm Water Solutions Magazine and was profiled in the January, 2011 edition of CE News.

Project Information

Client: Florence, KY
Location: Florence, KY
Year: 2010
Market: Storm Water Management