Boone county public library Hebron branch master land use plan

Viox & Viox was selected by the Boone County Public Library Board to conduct a land use study and develop a master plan for the New Hebron Branch property of the Boone County Public Library System. 

The land use plan developed by Viox & Viox features passive park area, outdoor community gathering space, community gardens, playground space, a dog park, and some residential use. A unique feature of the plan is the “Promenade” which will serve as both a means of circulation, traffic calming, and an enhanced sense of place and community through flexible programming. The idea behind the Master Land Use Plan was to give the community of Hebron a focal point, and provide a public amenities activity hub for all ages.

Project Information

Client: Boone County Public Library Board
Location: Hebron, KY
Year: 2012
Market: Municipal
Size: 50 Acres