Oakbrook road realignment

Viox & Viox, Inc. provided surveying, civil engineering, & landscape architectural design services for the realignment of Oakbrook Rd to Aero Parkway at the KY18 intersection.  The scope of the project included roadway & sidewalk design, grading & drainage, water line relocation, sanitary sewer line extension, and a landscape gateway design to retain the character of the original subdivision entry feature.  The relocation of the roadway required a substantial earthwork cut.  In order to soften the appearance of this dramatic earth cut, the relocation of the neighborhood sign and the gateway landscaping were implemented.  The layers of landscaping help bring forward the residential feel needed for the context of Oakbrook Road and mute the resemblance of a typical highway cut.  The project also improved safety by providing signalized access for the Oakbrook Road neighborhoods.



Project Information

Client: Boone County Fiscal Court
Location: Boone County, KY
Year: 2012
Market: Road & Utility
Size: 0.25 miles